Friday, December 14, 2012

038: After a tragedy...

I have spent the better part of today crying. The news of the senseless shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary has completely broken my heart as a mother, as a teacher, and as a human being.

There is about to be a huge backlash about gun control laws, mental illness, and the safety of our public schools. I want to address just a small part of this and hopefully encourage someone.

Homeschooling is wonderful. I was homeschooled. I am even considering homeschooling my son in the future.

After today, it is important to remember that so many public schools are GOOD, SAFE places for our children. Because of one man's insanity there is going to be a huge backlash against these good schools and great teachers.

I hope people choose to homeschool for anything except for fear. If fear rules our lives, then we wouldn't be living. We would avoid all public places. No malls. No movie theaters. No parks. No might clubs. No farmer's markets. No school plays.

We can't live like that. Instead, we need to be MORE involved in our schools. Know your teachers. Know your child's friends at schools. Know the principals. Know the coaches. Know the custodial staff even. Because tragedy struck this quiet community, it does not necessarily mean that we should pull our children out of public school by the hundreds.

After studying education and being in and out of the public school system myself, I realize everyone's situation is different.

There are so many great reasons to homeschool, I hope no one lets fear be their number one reason.

Hug your precious ones close tonight. There are so many families that can't.

blessings, sgym

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