Friday, November 30, 2012

032: Fat Friday, You Won't Believe it.

I made it the whole month without consciously eating sweets that involved High Fructose Corn Syrup or refined sugar. WOW. Can't believe it.

I usually participate in "No ---- November" with my own insertion, because Lord knows you won't catch me dead doing "No Shave November!" In past years it has been "No Soda November," but considering I haven't downed a Cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper in MONTHS (maybe a year?), that wasn't going to fly this year. I tried to get hubs to do "No Fried November" with me, but he wasn't having it. Didn't want to commit. I knew I had to up my game.

"All right," I said. I swallowed the lump in my throat, "I'll do 'No Sugar November' if you will do 'No Fried November.'"

"You won't do that."

... There are few things that can get a strong willed, slightly stubborn, Southern girl riled up. Being told she can't accomplish something is one of them.

So. I did it. Yeahhhhhh.

Didn't realize until later that I had doomed myself into a dessert-less Thanksgiving. Or so I thought.

Now, I'm going to tell you about this recipe I found. You won't believe me that it's the best thing you have ever put in your mouth until ... well ... you make some for yourself and put them in your mouth.

Yes. NO flour. NO refined sugar. And this will blow you off your feet. I made them for Thanksgiving this year (since I decided like a crazy person to make this "No Refined Sugar/HFCS November") and they were the first dessert gone. Gone before the pumpkin pies. Before the cookies. Before the Scotch-o-rinos. GONE. I, miraculously, snagged the last two little bites.

I will admit, I overbaked them the first time. (Overbaked is totally a word.) I went with the lower end of the recommended time and they came out looking burned. Tasted great, but very dark in color. This time, I got smart and cut off 5 minutes. They're a little underdone, but ooooooohhhh man. If you're a fan of gooey chewy baked goods, then cut some of the baking time off. WHEW. So good.

All right. Little man is awake now and we've got some serious play time on the schedule for the rest of the day. Maybe even a walk with Daddy, if he gets home early.

Haha. Right. Like we have a schedule.

blessings, sgym

Thursday, November 29, 2012

031: Thoughts Thursday: Follow Through.

Follow through.

Hang up your coat instead of throwing it over your chair.
Follow through.
When you say no, stick to it.
Follow through.
If you say yes, then do it.
Follow through.
When making a shopping list, shop what's on it. Only what's on it.
Follow through.
If you get an idea for a post, then post it.
Follow through.
When you start a project, finish it.
Follow through.
When a lightbulb burns out, change it.
Follow through.
Don't leave your plate there, you know where it goes.
Follow through.

This is as much for you as it is for me.
Follow through.

blessings, sgym

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

030: let's be jolly '12, The 5 Gift Rule

Have you heard of the "Five Gift Rule" for Christmas? I recently stumbled across it in my many Pinterest wanderings and thought it was BRILLIANT. I want to make family, friends, and the time spent together the focus. I really do want Jesus to be The Reason For the Season in my household! This makes SO MUCH SENSE to me! Are you ready? It's awesome.

Something you want, 
Something you need,
Something to wear,
Something to read,
And something homemade.

Right? Isn't that awesome? Well. It simplified my Christmas so beautifully this year. It's little man's first Christmas and, quite frankly, I don't have the budget to spend a ton of money on him. And, really, will he remember it? No. I will though. I want to remember the fun traditions we are starting as a family (more on that in future posts!) and the awesome winter and holiday activities that happen in December! I have no more stressing about Christmas shopping for my boy, it's all done!

So, what did I get him? Well, I'm glad you asked! (ha.)

SOMETHING YOU WANT: A Melissa and Doug wooden rainbow stacker toy. Right? Perfect. Bright, works on motor skills, and doesn't require batteries. LOVE.
SOMETHING YOU NEED: A toothbrush. Can't deny it. My baby will need this soon. (Now?)
SOMETHING TO WEAR: Found this adorable one-toothed dino hat at Gymboree. It's a size 2T for my 7 month old. Big heads run in the family (both sides).
SOMETHING TO READ: The storytime lady at Barnes and Noble highly recommended this book to a friend and I for our little ones. I found it in the sale/clearance section at TJ Maxx. Jackpot.

But wait, where is the something homemade? It's coming. Naturally, hubs and I are still working on it. Everything is bought for it, but not assembled. Hey, homemade takes time! 

What are your gift traditions? Do you blow your budget every year? Are you just ready for it all to be over?

blessings, sgym

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

029: Let's Do Something Fun.

December. Fun things already happen in that month, Christmas. Hanukkah. New Years Eve. Parties. Presents. People.
Then why do I feel like I need to add to it? Meh. Who knows.

Every Sunday in December will be.... (drum roll) ...

Headband Sunday!

Yes. I'm dedicating that fun day to an accessory. I'm a girl. What else do you expect? This means my "Black Friday" shopping will consist of searching for headbands that will fit my abnormally large head.
(No, really. I have a huge head for a girl.)

Five Sundays. Five headbands. Let's do this.
(Why? Why not? Accessories are fun.)

If you need ideas, I've got a Pinterest board HERE for some inspiration.

Well. Are you in?

blessings, sgym

Monday, November 19, 2012

028: Mama Monday, the First.

Today is, was, mama monday. Today, my baby turned 7 months old. Just 5 months ago I felt like we were NEVER getting out of the rut of feeling sickly and tired, using the nipple shield to nurse, glugging back water every five minutes, and trying to keep myself from spinning into a spiral of self pity and PPD. So, the first mama monday is a reflection day.

1. Breathe.

I kept forgetting that the small(ish) baby sleeping near me while I caught up on my dvr wouldn't be that small forever. I couldn't figure out how to leave him alone and get the household chores done. The laundry was on its third full basket. I was trying to balance both extended families, church, husband, and friend time. It took me time, but I slowly learned to breathe. I've always been a people pleaser. I have a hard time saying NO. So. Stop. Breathe. Kiss your baby's head. They won't be that small much longer.

2. Follow your instincts.

Before my baby was laid on my chest, I knew exactly how I was going to parent. I had all the answers. Everything was figured out. HA. Yes. I'll say it again. HA. Now, I'm following my gut. It's been right 99.9% of the time so far. I know when he needs sleep, food, cuddles, more sleep, and even more food. I can't tell you how. I just know my baby. I hope I can keep with it as he grows. My instincts told me that I MUST breastfeed (and so did my monthly budget). I fell into co-sleeping by accident, did research, and now I think I could even call myself well rested. There are others, but those are the two I can discuss in one sentence.

3. Take a ton of pictures.

One day my little man won't be so little. Cliche. Yes. Don't care. He won't be and I want to remember these short and beautiful times.

In the spirit of my "ton of pictures" mantra, here is Mal. Newborn through 7 months:


one month.

two months.

three months.

four months.

five months.

six months.

seven months.

If you're caught in the cyclical depression of early motherhood; breathe, follow your instincts, and take a TON of pictures. You will be out of it soon enough.
Try to enjoy it, love.

blessings, sgym

Thursday, November 15, 2012

027: What I Wanna Do.

Let's set some goals. Hey, maybe I'll stick to them this time. Heh.

1. I want to share. 
Let's face it, being a sahm can be kinda lonely and my facebook friends don't really want their newsfeeds fogged up with my bajillion thoughts and musings on crafts, baby wearing, and eating real foods.

2. I want to write again.
I used to be a pretty consistent creative writer. I'd love to make that part of my brain work again.

3. I want to be creative.
I can make the neatest friendship bracelet/quilt/christmas ornament or take the coolest picture and be pretty stoked. I can be even more stoked if I share it with someone. Blogs seem to be an adult's version of "show and tell' time, my friends.

4. I want to be accountable.
I have a million (ok, like 20) different projects happening all at once in my head. For example, I have a finished quilt top that isn't a quilt yet. I have a half-pieced quilt for Mal. I have multiple cardboard looms with half-finished friendship bracelets. If I have somewhere to share that and post about it, I'll more likely want to finish it. Right? HA. I can hope.

5. I want to have fun.
Not sure that one requires clarification.

Also, I'd love to have some weekly themes, like "mama monday" or "thoughts thursday." Hey. I think I just came up with my first two weekly things. That was easy. (winky face)
Well, this was fun. Let's do this again real soon.

Remember. Live intentionally.
blessings, sgym

026: The Mother of Reinvention.

New header. New layout. Big thanks to my sister for the photo. Huge thanks to irocksowhat for sharing her artsy goodness with the world, AKA for the banner image in my header. Guess what, she rocks.

current thoughts:

picture by casamos(es)

blessings, sgym

Thursday, November 8, 2012

025: Perseverance.

I can't stick with nothin'. Can I get a heyyyyy on that.

 Quick catch up:

 My family expanded! (by two feet! get it?)

This is Mal. He's basically the cutest ever.

On IG? Search the #littlemanMal hashtag. You'll see what I mean.

 He's cute, but he's fussing. That means no more computer time for mama.

 I'm coming back to this. For reals. (Haha. I think I said that last time...)