Sunday, August 29, 2010

021: Mississippi. Home.

It's weird to me that I'm not living in Tennessee. I've lived there my whole life. Now, I'm not a shut-in that's never stepped foot outside a 100 mile radius of my hometown... but LIVING somewhere other than Tennessee is still weird to me. Mississippi is a mixture of new, exciting, and humidity that makes you want to cry because your make-up is sweating off and your hair is sticking to the sides of your face. That might be a dramatic interpretation of the humidity here, but it's true. I will never complain about Nashville's humidity as long as I live. I do find that I'm enjoying being in the heat though. It's a reminder of the fact I live within walking distance of the beach. I get to see my husband everyday. It's for only two hours a day but, I get him the entire weekend. I spend my time in my apartment making it into a home. I spend my time outside of our home with my new friend, Emily. I have to say, having a friend down here has been absolutely wonderful. We've been exploring the surrounding towns and relaxing at different coffee shops. I have ambitions for my time down here, but I haven't figured out which plan to put into motion first. I guess you'll be the first to find out.

That's all I have to say for now. Blessings.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

020: Well. It's here.

Moving time. It's 7:13am. I've been up for over an hour. My car is packed. My parents' van is packed.

I'm out.

Goodbye until next time, Nashville.
Don't do anything crazy while I'm gone.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

019: Ideas from "The Nest" ...

We're moving! Or, well, I'm moving! Hooray! I'm finally relocating to the Beach and nearer my handsome, hard-working husband! We are so excited! In fact, I'm moving Thursday... and today is Tuesday. That means I have ONE full day left in Nashville. This will be the farthest away I've ever lived from my hometown. It's an 8 hour drive. In my pretty, but HOT A/C-less car. We're hoping we don't have to rent a moving van, but I guess we will see!

So, I've been in a "OMG I WANNA DECORATEEEEEE" mood. Even though I've yet to see my apartment and I have no idea of the floorplan! This is definitely an interesting time in my life. I know I couldn't even begin to decorate like this, but these pictures from (the follow-up website to were just too good to pass up saving into my computer for ideas later on.

I love how bright and open this kitchen feels.

Even though I'm not a black/white fanatic, I keep imagining this is green/white.

The two-tone paint scheme paired with the low profile bed makes this room cozy and simple. I wouldn't do purple by any means, but I would definitely do this in gray.

This headboard is DIY. It's a door with a two-tone paint job. Honestly, I'm kinda thinking of getting a door, giving it legs on either side like a traditional headboard, and painting it a bright teal. I can't tell you why, that's just what is stuck in my head!

This headboard is made out of old cabinet doors, but I'm loving the couple's monogram over the bed. I adore monograms.

This living room's color is AMAZING. Enough said.

I love the little M monogram on the fireplace. Too cute.

This isn't from This is from haverty's website... and I want this couch! The fabric looks plain in this picture, but the detail in it reminds me of the weaving in menswear fabric. I think it is beautiful. Unfortunately, it will have to wait with the price tag of $899 for a later time.

So, yes. Since most of my packing is finished here in Nashville, I've been dreaming of the Beach. I can't wait to get down there.