Monday, December 10, 2012

037: Mama Monday, Babywearing Dads.

So, yes, technically this post is a Mama Monday post. But I need to talk about Dads for a moment.

To be specific, babywearing Dads.

Babywearing Dads are not wimps.
Babywearing Dads are not whipped.
Babywearing Dads are not ridiculous.
Babywearing Dads are not hippies.
Babywearing Dads are not pushovers.
Babywearing Dads are not pansies.

Babywearing Dads are wearing their baby.
Babywearing Dads are holding their baby.
Babywearing Dads are looking to bond with their baby.
Babywearing Dads are possibly helping Mama out.
Babywearing Dads are trying to soothe their baby.
Babywearing Dads are having fun with their baby.

Babywearing Dads are Dads too.

Making loud comments about how you "would never want to look like THAT" or "would rather just carry the baby like this, that way is so stupid." Especially within earshot of that babywearing Dad? Please. We left middle school a loooooooooooooong time ago. (Maybe?) This has happened to a friend of mine. Her husband works long hours, so on the weekend, he wears their precious daughter so he gets extra doses of bonding time with her. Because he's her Dad. Because he wants to.

Making rude comments is stupid. I have no other words for it. Stupid. 
Be a parent to your kid and he'll be a parent to his kid.

.... Well, that was a rabbit trail. 

My main thought about babywearing Dads?

They are dead-sexy.

Ok ok, I might be a little biased, since this is my hubs.
But seriously. 

Real men wear babies too.

That's the end of this Mama Monday. Baby wearing. Dads. Love them. Let's not degrade our fellow papas for their parenting choices. Especially when they're this adorable.

Feel free to leave a shoutout in the comments for an awesome Dad you know. Does he babywear? Does he give baths? Does he snuggle before bed? Does he sing silly songs? Does he wrestle in the living room? 
They come in all persuasions! Make sure to give them some extra love!

blessings, sgym

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