Monday, December 3, 2012

034: Mama Monday, you too?

They aren't lying when they tell you that you are never the same after having a baby.

You get (little to) no sleep.
Your body is unrecognizable.
You waver between missing it and discovering the new one.
You lose friends who you thought would never leave you.
You gain new friends who know your struggles intimately.
You now think of activities in terms of how they fit your child.
You want to try things just to see how your child reacts.
Your free time is spent breathing.
Your free time is spent hurrying.
Your free time is short lived.
Your free time feels weird.
Your free time feels precious.
You know you will never really have "free" time again.
You think your child is the cutest. Ever.
You know you're biased.
You don't really care.
You want to give them everything.
You want to show your child things don't matter.
You want your child to love you.
You want to do what's best.
You want to be different than your parents.
You want to be as wonderful as your parents.
You're constantly comparing yourself to your parents.
You never knew you could love someone t h i s m u c h.
You know you'll never love anything or anyone t h i s m u c h. Ever. Again.

You know, maybe that's just me. 

blessings, sgym


  1. So true. But that look of wonder when they discover something new, or that smile meant just for you, makes all the tough stuff worth it :)