Wednesday, December 19, 2012

040: "Time is a Champion Racer."

My baby is 8 months old today.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? What did that happen?
Just yesterday I was laying in bed, Mal asleep on my chest, watching my DVR.
Just yesterday I was holding a special needs bottle in my left hand and a nipple shield in my right.
Just yesterday I was a broken record saying, "Watch his head..."
Just yesterday I was tiptoe-ing around my living room so as not to wake the sleeping boy in the bassinet.
Just yesterday I was lamenting that I couldn't even change my own baby's diaper.
Just yesterday I was hovering over a sleeping baby on his first airplane ride.

So many yesterdays already. So many to come. I hope I can keep focused on the today.

Here are the moments from today's monthly photoshoot.

happy eight months.
I love you, little man.

blessings, sgym

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