Tuesday, November 20, 2012

029: Let's Do Something Fun.

December. Fun things already happen in that month, Christmas. Hanukkah. New Years Eve. Parties. Presents. People.
Then why do I feel like I need to add to it? Meh. Who knows.

Every Sunday in December will be.... (drum roll) ...

Headband Sunday!

Yes. I'm dedicating that fun day to an accessory. I'm a girl. What else do you expect? This means my "Black Friday" shopping will consist of searching for headbands that will fit my abnormally large head.
(No, really. I have a huge head for a girl.)

Five Sundays. Five headbands. Let's do this.
(Why? Why not? Accessories are fun.)

If you need ideas, I've got a Pinterest board HERE for some inspiration.

Well. Are you in?

blessings, sgym

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