Friday, February 18, 2011

024: I've Had an Idea...

Every time I'm skimming through Etsy or soaking in my favorite design blog, I start to wonder... "Could I do that?" When I walked through Pier1 last month, I saw a pillow with a lattice rick-rack pattern on it. It was almost $30 and a shade of brown that kind of made me cringe. Again, I asked myself "...Could I make this?" And without a doubt, my answer was... YES.

So, I really think I can satisfy my cravings for crafting and desire for DIY projects by seeing if, well, if I can do what I see! Now, I'm not trying to take over other people's business niches or cut into their reader base. No no no. If I make anything I'm not going to use myself, I'll probably give it as a gift to someone anyways.

But there are TONS of crafty people out there sharing how they pieced this quilt, what technique they used to antique this thrift-store find dresser, or the exact steps to their great-granny's cookie recipe. If they share it... why can't I try it? Why can't I tell YOU about it? Plus, it's more exposure for these awesome websites that truly inspire me every day. I obsessively follow and read them. While imitation is the highest form of flattery, I'm not everrrrrr trying to steal from these talented people.

I'm just curious... Could I do that too?

blessings, sgym

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