Tuesday, January 25, 2011

023: No, Let Me Sum Up...

To try and call the past few months "busy" would be an understatement. There was a trip to Nashville, Cage taking test after test, the holidays, over 50 hours spent in the car, and nearly running out of money more than once. Needless to say, it was a very exciting time. And, exciting times sometimes pull me away from blogging at all. I'd love to write more often, but I'm afraid my life is just going to get even MORE busy. It looks like we're moving back to Nashville in early March. We still have NO idea where we're going to live, but we're putting it in God's hands while diligently searching for apartment complexes that would be equidistant from Cage's work and the church we'd like to attend. They're about an hour apart, so living half-way between them would be very good for us. Since that's the Brentwood/Franklin area... we're pretty much out of luck. This is why we don't rely on luck but the goodness of our Lord, hallejuah and amen. Haha, I'm having to hold a mini-church service over this issue because it's seriously stressing me out. So, what else is coming up for us? Uhhhhhhh... Birthdays! Cage and I are turning 24 on Feb 22 and Mar 6th, respectively. I've been working out under an incentive program here at the base in Biloxi. Basically I'm working out 4 days or 5 days a week from Jan 13th to Feb 28th. I don't think I'll win any prizes, but I lost 3 lbs in the first week and 2 inches in my waist by the second week. Soooo, maybe it's working? My goal is less to lose weight and more to get in shape. I want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs (or two) and NOT be so winded I'm having to sit down and rest for 10 minutes. Lots of pictures from the holidays and other adventures are sure to come. I've just got to upload them and then I'll get them to ya, no worries.

So yeah. Laundry is calling out my name.

blessings, sgym

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