Tuesday, August 3, 2010

019: Ideas from "The Nest" ...

We're moving! Or, well, I'm moving! Hooray! I'm finally relocating to the Beach and nearer my handsome, hard-working husband! We are so excited! In fact, I'm moving Thursday... and today is Tuesday. That means I have ONE full day left in Nashville. This will be the farthest away I've ever lived from my hometown. It's an 8 hour drive. In my pretty, but HOT A/C-less car. We're hoping we don't have to rent a moving van, but I guess we will see!

So, I've been in a "OMG I WANNA DECORATEEEEEE" mood. Even though I've yet to see my apartment and I have no idea of the floorplan! This is definitely an interesting time in my life. I know I couldn't even begin to decorate like this, but these pictures from theNest.com (the follow-up website to theknot.com) were just too good to pass up saving into my computer for ideas later on.

I love how bright and open this kitchen feels.

Even though I'm not a black/white fanatic, I keep imagining this is green/white.

The two-tone paint scheme paired with the low profile bed makes this room cozy and simple. I wouldn't do purple by any means, but I would definitely do this in gray.

This headboard is DIY. It's a door with a two-tone paint job. Honestly, I'm kinda thinking of getting a door, giving it legs on either side like a traditional headboard, and painting it a bright teal. I can't tell you why, that's just what is stuck in my head!

This headboard is made out of old cabinet doors, but I'm loving the couple's monogram over the bed. I adore monograms.

This living room's color is AMAZING. Enough said.

I love the little M monogram on the fireplace. Too cute.

This isn't from TheNest.com. This is from haverty's website... and I want this couch! The fabric looks plain in this picture, but the detail in it reminds me of the weaving in menswear fabric. I think it is beautiful. Unfortunately, it will have to wait with the price tag of $899 for a later time.

So, yes. Since most of my packing is finished here in Nashville, I've been dreaming of the Beach. I can't wait to get down there.


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