Saturday, July 24, 2010

018: Flea Market Finds.

My mom has a sixth sense for when the Flea Market will be especially good. Even though we're not there every month, we always end up going and finding some AWESOME stuff. My own finds are as follows...

These two pictures came as a set for $20. I quickly compared the print and frame prices of picking something like this up at Michael's or Hobby Lobby and jumped on that deal. The jewel tone colors appeal to some of my favorite color sensibilities. NOTE: after stumbling on Google celebrating the 150th Birthday of Alphonse Mucha with their neat art nouveau logo, I noticed how similar it looked to these ladies. Turns out these are two prints by Mucha!Not originals, I'm sure, but they are (left) Amethyst. From The Precious Stones Series. 1900. Color lithograph. 67.2 x 30 cm. and (right) Emerald. From The Precious Stones Series. 1900. Color lithograph. 67.2 x 30 cm. .... How cool is that? I bought them on his 150th birthday! There are two more in that series, Topaz and Ruby. I'll be looking out for those ladies!

This bowl was SO fun and will make either a pretty catch-all in my entryway or bathroom... or a great fruit bowl for my kitchen. I like the possibilities. Sorry the picture doesn't showcase the pattern on the side. I'm not sure WHAT I was thinking with this picture. Anywho...
This small painting was in a lot of other kind of kitschy paintings of fruit and Paris. The texture, the small cherries, the purple undertones, and the bright happiness of the orange flowers made this particular piece scream for my attention!
For my wedding I bought around 6 green vases from Goodwill. You can read more about that in a previous blog post! Anywho, for $1 I could get this short little green vase to add to my collection. Uhm, YES.
This was my find of the day. We have my Papa Cy's old Nikon and it was one of the first cameras through which I really learned to love photography. This camera is exactly like his camera, but in even BETTER condition. The lens is beautiful, the viewfinder has all the working parts, the camera winds as it should... and the guy told me $125. I only ended up paying $90. It came with the external flash and another gadget that I've yet to figure out.

I got ONE more item... but it is a present for someone and I'm not sharing! Ha! I went with Mom, Dad, Sonni and then my friend Jael joined us. Sonni scored about 5 different cameras for $7 or less each. Jael found some beautiful tiles and other house decorating wares. Mom had some new kitchen pieces that were definitely needed to replace the current damaged ones. Overall, it was an amazing adventure. I'm a little sunburnt and my feet are still throbbing, but my heart is very full.

Cage and I are still waiting for information about moving me down south. I know it will happen eventually, but every day that passes with me here and him down there... my life gets a lot more frustrating. I miss Cage. Severely. I know God has everything happen in His time and I'm sure we'll have all this figured out.

blessings to you and yours, sgym

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