Sunday, August 29, 2010

021: Mississippi. Home.

It's weird to me that I'm not living in Tennessee. I've lived there my whole life. Now, I'm not a shut-in that's never stepped foot outside a 100 mile radius of my hometown... but LIVING somewhere other than Tennessee is still weird to me. Mississippi is a mixture of new, exciting, and humidity that makes you want to cry because your make-up is sweating off and your hair is sticking to the sides of your face. That might be a dramatic interpretation of the humidity here, but it's true. I will never complain about Nashville's humidity as long as I live. I do find that I'm enjoying being in the heat though. It's a reminder of the fact I live within walking distance of the beach. I get to see my husband everyday. It's for only two hours a day but, I get him the entire weekend. I spend my time in my apartment making it into a home. I spend my time outside of our home with my new friend, Emily. I have to say, having a friend down here has been absolutely wonderful. We've been exploring the surrounding towns and relaxing at different coffee shops. I have ambitions for my time down here, but I haven't figured out which plan to put into motion first. I guess you'll be the first to find out.

That's all I have to say for now. Blessings.

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