Thursday, April 1, 2010

009: It's April!

First things first...

HAPPY APRIL! Cage and I are getting married THIS MONTH! AHHHH! I can remember looking at the countdown and thinking "I've got over 400 days to go!? Am I EVER getting married!? GAH!!!" ... Yes! Yes! I can barely believe it.

Well, what would a blog post be if I didn't do some kind of picture post? Not much of one, that's for sure! These aren't the best quality, but they're from my blackberry which I have with me at all times. So, they're good enough.

I witnessed two rainbows this past month! I have a picture from the double rainbow that happened last Friday. (taken with my blackberry through a car window)

Below is a small snapshot of our wedding "loot" so far. And this is all from wedding showers! We have been truly blessed by all of you! Thank you again!

And this... well... Cage and his Dad were doing push-ups. And it was funny.

And below is a picture I didn't take. I got it from facebook, but I wanted people to see the Youth Center on the Bethel Community Church property. We'll be having the wedding behind this building in the backyard of Seward Hall. But, hey, in case of severe weather we'll have a solid building around us! Though I'm praying for sunny with a high of 75.

I'm sure there are other things I could update on... but I'm tired and I just wanted to exclaim excitedly about it being April and ... I did! Ha. Thanks for reading. Get those RSVPs in if you haven't!!! Thank you!


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