Thursday, March 25, 2010

008: Goodwill Green Glass

On Wednesday, I had another "holy cow the wedding is fill-in-the-blank" day. The particular phrase this time was "Holy Cow! The Wedding is one month away!!!" I tried not to freak out in a visible fashion, but I'll admit here to you that I was half girly giggles and half panic. Ok,mostly girly giggles with some panic mixed in. It was a fun day though! Mom, Jodi, and I met with Oksana out at the Franklin property. We also met with a lighting guy to tell him our ideas and to hopefully get an estimate (which we're still waiting on, hmm). The day was balmy with a breeze. Jodi kept saying over and over that this was what the weather needed to be one month from today. I couldn't agree more!
After the meeting, Momma and I popped over to Wolfgang Puck Express to make ourselves a plan of attack for the rest of our few precious free hours. Our list consisted of:
  • visit David's Bridal to inquire about the bridesmaids dresses that were overdue
  • and to look at their selection of veils
  • check out Hobby Lobby and Goodwill for some more glass pieces for our candy buffet
  • search some Franklin antique stores for a unique table piece for the ceremony
Our afternoon ended up turning out great! The remaining bridesmaid dresses had been at the store since February 25th! There had been a mix up in the e-mail system and we were never contacted for some reason (very odd, btw). So, dresses... DONE. And to the veils, I wasn't so sure if I'd actually find something. My original idea was for a birdcage veil sans feathers. Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to win anyone over to the idea of my Jane Austen dress with a birdcage veil. Eh, that's life. Mom and I picked through the selection and stumbled upon an elbow length veil with very delicate pearls and teensy rhinestones. I'm normally against any gaudy jewels or anything that takes me over the edge into princess cupcake bride... but the decoration on this one was minimal and tasteful. Besides, it will look fab-u-lous with the pearl trim Angela Muir has added to my already wonderful dress. This veil, I've realized, is like a slightly longer version of the birdcage look I wanted originally. I think it paired with my grecian hairstyle will really be fantastic.

Next, Goodwill. I have to give my MOH Casey credit for this idea. She mentioned to me (after I giddily texted her about her dress being here) that Goodwill had good glass pieces sometimes. Eh, what can it hurt, right? Mom and I lucked out on this one! I stood there, staring at 12 feet of shelves with nothing but vase after vase... Thinking to myself that I need to keep two feet between myself and the shelves for fear of breaking every last item! I began to notice the green glass pieces. There were 6 different large vases. I also began to have visions of my blue hydrageas, purple tulips, white baby's breath, and green carnations in these vases. I knew I wanted something different for the buffet / food table decorations... but green glass vases? Hey. It's my wedding, right? So. I picked out six different green glass vases and then the bud vases caught my eye. Well, hellooooo there my pretty little friends. I asked Momma what we could use them for, and she recommended the bistro tables. Small, simple, pretty, done. We walked out of there with six green glass vases and nine green glass bud vases for under $20. Oh, and we found a large crackle glass clear vase for our candy bar. That fits into that $20 price tag. We perused Hobby Lobby for any candy bar pieces, but we decided we wanted to check out our candy order again before committing anymore money. Here is a picture of the green glass as I collected it in the Goodwill in Franklin on Highway 96:

Now. I love Franklin, Tennessee. I really do. I love the agricultural and historical feeling I get when I am in downtown. Like, if I wanted to wear a sundress and sandals everyday, I could. If I wanted to wear jeans and flannel camp shirt, that would be just fine too. Wednesday was just a great day to be in Franklin. Mom and I visited one of our favorite places ever, The Franklin Antique Mall and even found a few items we could be interested in purchasing. In the ceremony, we need something for our unity candles and other ceremony items to sit on. Mom suggested one of our card tables with a table cloth over it. I hate to say it, but I made a face. A not nice face. What am I, five years old? Then I used my words, like the adult I supposedly am now, and expressed that I would prefer a white console kind of table, beat up, vintage, antique, reproduction, primitive... Whatever. Long, thin, and preferably whitewashed. Personally, I think that would be awesome. Now, to fulfill that vision. I'm doing my best to compromise, with what is actually out there, but I don't want to spend $100+ on something unless I'm going to use it in my future house. I'd rather spend much, much less on it.

Tomorrow morning (if the weather permits) Momma, Dad, and I are venturing to the TN State Fairgrounds and the Flea Market to look for the "perfect" table for the ceremony. I'm also going to keep my eyes peeled for anything embroidered with an M, glass pieces for the candy bar, and vintage Little House on the Prairie books. To you, dear reader,

God's blessings on you and yours.

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