Monday, December 31, 2012

042: Goodbye 2012.


The year I: 

Became a mama. 
Rode in a C130. 
Held a tutoring job. 
Celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary.
 Nearly died. 
Discovered strengths I never knew I possessed. 
Started writing again. 
Prayed more fervently than ever before. 
Flew on planes with my baby who didn't cry.
 Made an effort to eat consciously. 
Rekindled my love for photography. 
Drank water, lots and lots of water.
 Learned the value of a dollar. 
Started my 2nd quilt.
 Lost old friends.
 Made new friends. 
Cherished nap time. 
Treasured play time.
 Began to love myself after years of hiding the hate. 

Whew. Big year.

blessings in 2013, sgym

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