Thursday, November 15, 2012

027: What I Wanna Do.

Let's set some goals. Hey, maybe I'll stick to them this time. Heh.

1. I want to share. 
Let's face it, being a sahm can be kinda lonely and my facebook friends don't really want their newsfeeds fogged up with my bajillion thoughts and musings on crafts, baby wearing, and eating real foods.

2. I want to write again.
I used to be a pretty consistent creative writer. I'd love to make that part of my brain work again.

3. I want to be creative.
I can make the neatest friendship bracelet/quilt/christmas ornament or take the coolest picture and be pretty stoked. I can be even more stoked if I share it with someone. Blogs seem to be an adult's version of "show and tell' time, my friends.

4. I want to be accountable.
I have a million (ok, like 20) different projects happening all at once in my head. For example, I have a finished quilt top that isn't a quilt yet. I have a half-pieced quilt for Mal. I have multiple cardboard looms with half-finished friendship bracelets. If I have somewhere to share that and post about it, I'll more likely want to finish it. Right? HA. I can hope.

5. I want to have fun.
Not sure that one requires clarification.

Also, I'd love to have some weekly themes, like "mama monday" or "thoughts thursday." Hey. I think I just came up with my first two weekly things. That was easy. (winky face)
Well, this was fun. Let's do this again real soon.

Remember. Live intentionally.
blessings, sgym

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