Friday, June 4, 2010

013: Lucky Number?

Hoping that 13 is my lucky number since I'm driving 10 hours tomorrow to Owasso, Oklahoma to my Uncle's house for two weeks! Well, the second week is their church's youth camp, but still. Oklahoma. Two weeks. This is going to be such an awesome break up in the time that I'm waiting to see Cage again. I am really glad my Mom suggested it. I have received 5 letters and 1 phone call from Cage. I cannot wait for Sunday, because I have the chance again to talk to him. I know this sounds selfish, but I hope he calls ME! He has the option to call anyone, really. I can't lie, I'm living for the chance to hear his voice. So much of our relationship has been developed over the phone (since we spent two years at different universities) that it's the most natural thing in the world for us to talk or text. I don't look down on this form of communication.

Other plans... Hoping that my new sisters will be able to come to Cage's graduation with me in July. I'll be there Wednesday afternoon through Sunday evening, and I'd rather not spend the night times by myself. If we were to split a car and hotel... I think it would be crazy fun. What else can I ramble about... well, actually. I'm going to leave this post as is. Instead, I'm going to work on letter 21 for Cage that I will put in the mail in the AM before we leave for OK.

Goodnight all. Give your loved one a big hug, you never know when the next time may be.


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